Rustic Ember |Sunday Brunch|  Scoopable Wax | 4 ounce

Rustic Ember |Sunday Brunch| Scoopable Wax | 4 ounce

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Who doesn't love a mimosa with their breakfast? I know I do ! Mimosas have always been a top pick for me if I am in the mood for relaxation. I love the crisp taste of the bubbles and light, sweetness of the orange juice. But, my favorite part about it would have to be the smell. With notes of Champagne, Green Floral and Mandarin, this scoopable wax smells exactly like a mimosa and will make you feel as if you too are relaxing with friends at Brunch, that is, without the hangover ! 

Your favorite Rustic Ember scents now in triple scented scoopable wax! Made with the same all-natural, 100% clean & safe ingredients.

Use it in your wax warmer or for massages. That's right... it's safe for skin